What is a smart meter?

Smart meters measure the energy you use every half-hour and sends your meter readings straight to your supplier. They also show you how much energy you are using in pounds and pence, in near real time and bring an end to estimated bills.

IHDs (In-home displays)

These are small handheld electrical devices that communicate directly your smart meter, providing an hourly, weekly or monthly view of your energy usage. These devices make it much more convenient to keep on top of your energy costs instead of hunting in a dark cupboard to check your meter.

Can I get a smart meter?

Unfortunately, we're not yet installing Smart meters for our customers. The infrastructure for Smart meters is currently being implemented and believe our customers will be better served if we are to wait until it has been fully completed.

We're very excited about Smart meters and if you're keen on being one of our first customers to get hold of one of these then make sure you've ticked the box "Hear about rewards and updates from So Energy" under your account details, so we can keep you informed as and when we start installing them.