Who's in charge here?!

We are responsible for your meters and if you would like them moved, we will do this for you. There will be a charge associated with us sending engineers out to move your meter and we can advise this when booking the work.

Only your local distribution network can move or change the cables and pipes into your home, so they may also need to be involved too.

You tell us what goes where. We'll tell you who does what.

Send us photographs showing your meter's current location along with detailed instructions and photographs for where you would like your meter to be moved to. Please email everything to help@so.energy. We can then advise who needs to get involved what sort of timescale everyone will be working to, and quote you for our part of the work.

If work needs to be done by your local distributors, you will need to contact them yourself. You can find their details by entering your postcode here. As soon as you have a completion date for their work, let us know, so we can get your gas or electricity back up and running as quickly as possible.

More Advice?

Find out what Citizens Advice have to say about moving your meter.