Below is an example of a typical So Energy online account. We've highlighted areas that may be of interest. If you have problems or anything isn't clear, just drop us an email at or call us on 0330 111 5050 (We're open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) and we'll talk you through it.

Log in

Screenshot of the login page, with input fields and links numbered from 1 to 4

1. To log into your online account use the ‘Log in’ button found in the top-right of our website.

2. Enter your email address. This is the email address registered to your So Energy account, where we send emails to you.

3. When your online account was created, we asked you to choose a password. 

4. If you can’t remember choosing a password or have forgotten your password, click ‘forgotten password’ and follow the instructions.


Your homepage is your gateway to the main areas of your online account and provides some quick information you might be keen to see, including your current account balance, and the date of your last meter reading. From your homepage you can also access some other important information...

A screenshot of an example user page with the account, help and our energy tabs numbered 1 to 3

1. Account: This menu includes your account details page, where you can change your password or email address and update your communication preferences, including turning on meter reading reminder emails. If you have multiple accounts, you can change accounts through this menu too.

2. Help: If you would like to browse our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help and you can find all the details here.

3. Our Energy: Find out more about our 100% renewable electricity and tell us where we should source this from (solar, wind, hydroelectric or biomass) by voting for your favourite.

Meter readings

A screenshot example of meter reading submission page, with meter reading fields and submission button numbered 1 to 2

1. Enter your reading in the boxes provided.

2. Press the button to submit your reading. You should see a green tick to the right of the button to confirm when we’ve received this.

Energy Usage

A screenshot of an example "Your Usage" page, with different parts numbered 1 to 6

1. To switch between gas and electricity usage, use the tabs at the top of the page.

2. Bars in blue show the energy usage on each of your statements.

3. Bars in grey are estimated future energy usage, i.e. what we think you might use. You’ll need to give regular meter reading to make these estimates as accurate as possible, and remember: in the long run you are only charged for the energy that you have used, based on your meter readings.

4. This is some information about your last statement.

5. This is a weather summary for last month. The weather can have a big impact on when and how you use your energy, so this can be useful when you feel your charges are higher or lower than expected.

6. This is a comparison of your estimated yearly energy usage against the national average, as defined by Ofgem. An average home has gas and electricity, using gas for heating.

Payment plan

Screenshot of an example payment plan page with parts numbered 1 to 4

1. This shows your next payment amount and when it will be taken and you can view your current Direct Debit mandate details. If you need to change your bank details, click ‘Change bank details’. For more information, skip to Change Bank Details.

2. If you want to change your payment date, payment amount, or change between seasonal and equal payment plans, you can click ‘Change amount/date’. For more information, skip to Change Amount or Date.

3. To make a card payment to top up your account balance, visit the ‘Card payment page’. For more information, skip to Card Payment Page.

4. The amount on the top on each bar is the total charges each month. Blue bars are statements which have been issued. Grey bars are for future estimated statements, showing the amount we expect that you may use based on the information provided to us. Your actual charges will depend on your usage. The best way to ensure accurate statements is to submit regular meter readings.

Change bank details

Screenshot of the change direct debit page, with parts numbered 1 and 2

1. You can see your existing bank details in use.

2. You can enter your new bank details. If the account is a joint account, please make sure you have authorisation from all relevant account holders to set up the Direct Debit.

Change Amount or Date

A screenshot of an example user's "your payment plan" page, with parts numbered 1 to 6

1. This graph shows your payment plan over the next 12 months. The grey bars are the estimated cost for each month. Your current payment plan is shown with a dashed line and the solid line shows the new payment plan. You can use the settings below to adjust the new payment plan line.

2. You can adjust your payment amount up or down using these buttons. We have also provided a suggested amount which considers your current account balance. We need time to change a Direct Debit payment so the change might not be immediate. To see if your new amount will affect your next payment, see (5).

3. You can switch your payment plan between equal payments and seasonal payments. You can see the change this would make to your future payments on the graph above.

4. You can change your payment date. We need time to change a Direct Debit payment so the change might not be immediate. We also take payment in advance, so we can only delay payments by 7 days. This may mean your preferred date will result in two payments in the same month. To check how your preferred date will affect your next few payments, see (5).

5. This shows how your changes would affect your next 3 payment dates and amounts.

6. We’ve included a breakdown of your payment plan information including your current account balance.

Card payment page

Screenshot of card payment page with parts numbered 1 to 3

1. Enter the amount you would like to pay into your account, in pounds. The minimum you can pay by card is £5. If you would like to make a smaller payment, please get in touch. 

2. You can see how your payment will affect your account balance. CR means credit and DR means debit.

3. Enter your card details. You must be the card holder.

Balance & statements

Screenshot of balance & statements page, with parts numbered 1 to 4

1. See a summary of your most recent statement at the top of the page. We also show you a weather summary of the last month. Remember that energy usage is seasonal with most homes using much more energy in winter months and much less in summer months. You can make a card payment to top-up your account balance at any time, although remember you can also adjust your regular Direct Debit payments towards too.

2. This is your current account balance. This is the sum of all your credits and debits.

3. Your credits and debits are itemised, so you can clearly see what is going in and out of your So Energy account. Your monthly payments will be added as credits into your account and monthly energy charges are deducted as debits.

4. Each statement can be downloaded. Just click on the download icon of each statement you want to see.


Screenshot of tariff page, with parts numbered 1 to 4

1. This is the name of your current tariff agreement with us.

2. This is the start and end date of current your agreement with us. If you have agreed a new tariff with us, the details of your new tariff will have been sent to you by email and will show here once your new tariff begins.

3. These are your tariff rates. The figures shown here include VAT.

4. This is your Early Exit fee that will be charged if you were to leave your contract early. The figure shown here includes VAT.

Multiple accounts

Screenshot of choose your account page, with two accounts to choose from, an arrow with the number 1 on it is pointing on both accounts

1. If you have more than one account with us, you can manage them all under one login. Please get in touch with us if you would like to do this. If you have multiple accounts, you can navigate between accounts by choosing the ‘change account’ option under the ‘Account’ menu and selecting the account you wish to view. 


Screenshot of an example renewal page, with parts numbered 1 to 3

1. This shows you the one tariff we currently have on offer and the yearly cost of your estimated yearly energy usage on this tariff. This amount does not take your current account balance into account.

2. You can choose whether to make seasonal payments or equal payments throughout the year by using this button.

3. A complete breakdown of the tariff on offer can be seen here, including tariff rates.