What is an in-home display (IHD)?

Your IHD is a small device that comes with your smart meters. It basically acts as the display for your meters. You can take reads from this rather than the actual meters, and it also shows you handy information about your usage and your bills. These devices make it much more convenient to keep on top of your energy costs instead of hunting in a dark cupboard to check your meter. There is also a handy tutorial built into some of our IHDs in case you need extra assistance.

What does it show?

The main use of your IHD is for you to keep an eye on how much energy you are consuming. It can show you current and past consumption figures, both in kilowatt hours and in monetary terms. You can see daily, weekly and monthly consumption figures. 

You can also see amounts for you past bills, information about your smart meters, and your current tariff and account information. It won’t show any personal information

Where should I keep my IHD?

Your IHD is there to be placed somewhere easily accessible for you to see. However, they do need to be within a relative distance to your meters in order to pick up a signal. This distance depends on a lot of factors such as the number of walls between the meters and IHD, and the thickness of them. We suggest placing it within 20 metres of your smart meters but it will also show an error if it is unable to pick up a signal.

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