Owing to issues caused by an unprecedented volume of website traffic and phone calls, we’ve been unable to take the majority of the meter reads that our customers have tried to submit today. We know the significance of submitting reads today, and how distressing not being able to must be. 

We are working on the issue and will have it resolved. However, in the meantime, here’s our solution. Note down or take a photo of your meter reads today so you have them, and submit them via your online account or via email (help@so.energy) any time up to midnight on Sunday, April 3 (we’d recommend trying your account tomorrow as a first option).

We will backdate your reads to today, March 31, so you don’t need to worry about your reads being logged by us as coming after tomorrow’s price cap increase.

This will give us the opportunity to get our systems up and running again, and remove the stress for our customers who are trying to submit today. We apologise for the alarm and upset that this situation has no doubt caused.