On rare occasions, we may have to re-open a customer account that has been previously closed and received a final bill. 

In the vast majority of cases accounts will be accurate at the point when we issue a final bill, so most customer's don't need to worry, especially if they have been providing meter readings or have a communicating smart meter.

However, in some rare instances, despite our best efforts, new information comes to light regarding usage, dates of responsibility and other factors which means that we have to re-open the account in question.

If Your Account Is in Debit

  • We may be in touch asking you to make a payment in line with the updated account

  • At first, this would always be via email from our dedicated address at help@so.energy. If we receive no reply via email, we may contact you via phone after a while
  • The email will invite you to login to your So Energy online account 
  • If you are not comfortable making a payment online you can call us and make a payment over the phone
  • Reopening an account under such circumstances does not interfere with any protections you may have under backbilling rules

If Your Account Is in Credit

  • If the account is re-opened after a long period of time, we may be in touch  asking for your up to date bank details in order for us to make a payment for any left-over credit on the account (a refund)
  • We may do this because we can't store your bank details indefinitely after your account is closed
  • We will never ask you for your card details when contacting you about a refund. Contact will come from our email address help@so.energy 
  • You can chose to verify any contact from us by contacting us yourself, separately, using one of the contact methods which you can find on our website.
  • You can choose to decline any refund and instead opt for the money to be provided to a charity of our choice