What is a smart meter?


Smart meters are the next generation technology, measuring the energy you use, sending your meter readings straight to your supplier so you don’t have to. This will help ensure you are billed correctly and accurately, bringing an end to estimated bills. They also make you aware of your energy usage in real time, allowing you to monitor how much you're spending in real time.

Does So Energy support smart meters?

So Energy are happy to announce that we now support the second generation of smart meters, also known as SMETS2 meters. If you have a SMETS2 and wish to join our supply, your meter should automatically connect to us and start providing us with reads when we take over supply.

If you have a SMETS2 meter and you are already on our supply, these should be woken up in the coming weeks, if not already. If you feel your smart meter has not woken up yet, please be patient as we are working through these currently. 

If your meter is a first generation smart meter (SMETS1) at present we do not support the smart functionality for these meters. However, this does not stop you joining us if you are willing to forego some of the functionality of a smart meter. If we take your supply, your meter would revert to behaving like a ‘normal’ meter. You would need to provide us with meter readings via your online account to ensure an accurate energy statement.

Is my smart meter first or second generation?

If you are unsure which type of meter you have, you are able to tell by having a quick look at your electricity meter. The meter will have a square box that sits on top of your electricity meter, it has a number of barcodes on it and a device ID on it which looks like this: AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF-GG-HH-II. If you can see these, it means you have a second generation smart meter.

Can I get a smart meter?

We are now in the final stages of testing our smart meters and hope to be offering these to our customers in the very near future. If you currently do not have a smart meter but would like one, please ensure you've ticked the box "Hear about rewards and updates from So Energy" under your account details, so we can keep you informed as and when we start installing them.   

Can I get a smart meter if I rent/am a landlord?

This depends on who pays the utility bills for the property. Whoever is the account holder and is responsible for paying the utility bills ultimately has the choice on whether a smart meter is to be installed. However, if you are renting but also pay for the gas and electricity, it may still be worth informing your landlord prior to installation that you are intending to install smart meters at the property. 

I have a SMETS1 meter that isn't working. Will you replace it for a SMETS2?

A SMETS1 meter is as a generation 1 smart meter. These meters lost their smart capabilities (such as sending out meter readings) once they switched from their original supplier. 

The Data Communications Company (DCC) are currently intending to update all SMETS1 meters so that they will work with any supplier. They have managed to ‘wake up’ some but it is yet to see if they will be successful in waking up all SMETS1 meters. If your meter turns out to be one of those that they are unable to wake up, we will offer you a brand new SMETS2 meter free of charge.

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