I want my switch to happen later

Once you’ve signed up and your switch has started, the switch will take 5 working days and unfortunately we can't delay this for you. 

If you are concerned you will be charged an early exit fee by your current supplier, it is worth noting that fees cannot be charged if you’re in the last 42-49 days of your contract. You can find out more about Early Exit Fees.

If you still want to delay your start date you will need to cancel your switch, which you can do through your online account, and then reapply again in the future (at least 5 working days before your preferred supply start date). 

Once you agree a contract with us, you will have a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can change your mind, however, you can only cancel your switch until 5pm on the day before your supply begins, beyond which you'll come on supply with us and have a 9 day period where you can:

  • Return to your previous supplier on the same terms and tariff you had with them (this is something you'll need to discuss with them). To do this, please contact your previous supplier so that they can switch you back.
  • Stay with us but talk to us about your contract, we may offer a tariff you'd prefer. You'd just need to get in touch with our customer support team on help@so.energy or 0330 111 5050 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).
  • Switch to another supplier that isn't So Energy or your previous supplier. We won't be able to do this for you, you'll need to start the quote process with them. You will be charged for any energy you use while on supply with us and you can only start a new switch the day after you come on our supply due to industry processes. 

If you do cancel your switch, please note that the one tariff we have on offer at any time is subject to change, so we cannot guarantee that the same tariff will be available if you try to switch again in the future.

I want my switch to happen sooner

Once you’ve signed up and your switch has started, the switch will take 5 working days and unfortunately we can't speed this up for you. 

If you have recently moved into your house and wanted us to supply you from the start, unfortunately we still can't speed up the switch and you will have a different supplier for a short time. To find out who this is, please ask your Network Operator. Find your Network Operator by entering your postcode here.

If you wanted to bring your switch forward because your current supplier's contract is due to end soon, unfortunately we still can't speed up the switch. Your current supplier will continue to supply you with energy after their contract ends, your energy won't be turned off! Usually a supplier will charge you on their standard variable tariff, however we would advise you contact your current supplier to find out the rates that will apply during this time.