Unfortunately, once you’ve signed up and your switch has started, we can’t delay your start date. However, if you are concerned you will be charged an early exit fee by your current supplier, it is worth noting that fees cannot be charged if you’re in the last 42 days of your contract. See our section on Exit Fees for more information.

If you still want to delay your start date you will need to cancel your switch, which you can do through your online account, and then reapply again in the future (at least 21 days before your preferred supply start date). You can only cancel your switch within your 14-day cooling off period. After your cooling off period, industry processes are underway and the switch cannot be stopped.

If you do cancel your switch in order to reapply in the future, please note that the one tariff we have on offer is subject to change so we cannot guarantee that the same tariff will be available if you do this.