When moving out of your current property, receiving your final bill is the sign that your account with us for that property has now been closed. This article will explain what you need to know about receiving your final bill.

If you haven’t already notified us that you are moving out of a property currently supplied by us, please fill out this form which will be sent to us. To find out more about what you need to do when moving out of a property supplied by us., please see this article.

From your day of last responsibility for this property, we aim to send you a final bill within 1 week of you moving out (or within 1 week of you telling us you've moved, whichever is later) if you have provided us a final read. If we haven't received readings, we’ll usually send you a final bill within 2 weeks based on estimates (or within 2 weeks of you telling us you've moved, whichever is later). We may have to revise your final bill once new occupants provide readings.

If you’re taking us with you to your new property and have asked for your balance to be transferred to your new account, your final bill will have a balance of £0. If you’d prefer to clear the balance on your current account, please let us know. If you are due a refund, this will be transferred to your bank account after you’ve received your final bill. If your account is in debit, your final bill will provide the date for the outstanding balance to be paid by. Remember not to cancel your Direct Debit until after your final balance has been settled.