When you switch to us and you have a two-rate meter (or a smart meter set to record usage on two rates) we receive data from your previous supplier about which register (the total count of one of your meter readings) represents your peak and off-peak usage. 

Sometimes the information we receive from your previous energy supplier might not match with what you believe to be true, or with what shows on your previous energy statements. 

We want to make sure that we are only charging you for how much and when you actually use your energy, so if there's ever any doubt, we may ask you to conduct a Time Test. A Time Test shows which register is actually moving during the day, and which is moving during the night.

How to conduct a Time Test

All you need to do is to take two sets of readings during the same day, taken far enough apart to measure some usage, e.g. one in the morning and another in the evening. We may specify a smaller window to take your two sets of readings in, but for most meter types you can test between the hours of 8am - 11pm.

For example, you might take readings at 9am and again at 5pm the same day:

Rate 1 = 33,000
Rate 2 = 14,568

Rate 1 = 33,020
Rate 2 = 14,568

In this example, you can see that Rate 1 has advanced 20 kWh during the hours of 9am to 5pm, therefore we can confidently say that Rate 1 relates to the Day and Rate 2 is the Night.

Sending us the results

In the vast majority of cases, we have a correct record of the day and night readings.

In the unlikely event that your Time Test indicates that we might have your day and night readings the wrong way round, please kindly send us the following:

  1. Photos of the readings taken during your Time Test, along with the times these were taken
  2. A photo showing the full front of your electricity meter, including the serial number (if this isn't shown in your Time Test photos)
  3. A copy or photos of an energy statement from your previous supplier

Please send the above to help@so.energy and we'll be more than happy to help you.