When you switch to So Energy, we will take your first Direct Debit payment on or around the date that your energy supply starts (Supply Start Date) and further monthly payments will be taken on the same date each month. When your payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday the money will come out of your bank account a couple of days after this date.

After a month of you being on supply, we will send you your energy statement 2-5 days after your billing period has finished detailing your usage for that month. We will only charge you for what you use, so the more meter readings you provide us with the more accurate your statement will be. If you'd like your statement to finish on your reading each month rather than our estimate you need to submit your reading on the last day of your billing period. For example, if your Supply Start Date is 23rd March, then you should submit your readings on the 22nd of each month as this is the last date of each billing period.

Timeline chart showing the first month payments. The graph shows 2 payments, one on the supply start date and the second is 2-5 days before the first bill

Why we take payment in advance

By taking payment in advance, we are able to buy your gas and electricity in advance at better rates and we then pass these savings on to you. That's part of the reason why our prices are much more competitive than other suppliers. Having credit in your account also means you should have a bit of buffer for winter time, when most peoples' energy usage tends to be much higher, reducing your risk of falling into energy debt.