If you are considering cancelling your Direct Debit please contact us first. If you miss a payment, you may be subject to a missed payment fee (set out in Terms and Conditions). You may also be in danger of falling behind on your payments, meaning subsequent Direct Debit payments will need to be increased to make up for the missed payment.

If you're leaving us

If you're switching to a different supplier or you're moving home, do not cancel you Direct Debit until your final bill has been settled, as we process refunds and make payment requests through your Direct Debit. If we need to take a final payment and you have cancelled your Direct Debit, a missed payment fee may apply. Similarly, if you are due a refund and your Direct Debit has been cancelled, it may take us longer to get your money back to you.

If you are no longer a So Energy customer and have settled your final bill, we will cancel your Direct Debit however you are welcome to do this yourself too.

I’m having trouble making my payment

We understand that things can happen which may make it difficult for you to pay for your energy. When you think this might be the case, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can discuss your options with you. When you contact us, we'll usually start by asking for current meter readings, so we can give you an accurate account balance, and check that you are not overpaying for your energy.

Independent advice

For independent advice you might like to contact one of the following organisations: