Changing Direct Debit account details

Normally, you can change your Direct Debit details securely through your online account.

It takes around 5 working days for the new details to be set up, and a further 5 working days to request a payment. If your next payment is due soon, to avoid missed payment fees we advise you don't cancel the old Direct Debit agreement until this payment has cleared. If your new Direct Debit is set up in time, this payment will be taken from your new bank account, otherwise it will be taken from the old bank account. We will only request a payment from one set of bank details, never both

If you ever think you will miss a payment, or are experiencing financial difficulties check this article.

Changing Direct Debit date or amount

You can change your monthly payment date and/or amount through your online account. You'll need to make this change 5 working days before your next payment is due to go out for this to take effect at your next payment. If you miss this deadline, don't worry - your payment change will take effect from next month's payment.

You may not be able to change your Direct Debit amount if:

  • We have recently reviewed your Direct Debit - you'll know this has happened if you've received an email from us telling you what your new payments should be and why. You'll often still be able to make changes, but a reduction may be limited to around 10% of the proposed amount 
  • You have recently changed your payments yourself - you'll need to wait a few weeks before making another change 
  • You have recently setup a new Direct Debit - it takes a bit for the new mandate to start working with our systems
  • Your payments are already too low - you won't be able to decrease your payments further as this would risk leaving your account in debit

If you find yourself into the first two of the circumstances above, we recommend waiting for a few weeks (at least until your next payment date) and then trying again - if it still doesn't work, contact us.

If your payments are too low, we strongly advise against reducing them any further as you may already be underpaying for your usage. However, if you can't afford the current amount you're paying, please get in touch with us and make sure you have a meter reading to hand so we can discuss the best options and support that we can offer you.

Switching to or from seasonally adjusted payments

You can change your payment plan, to either equal payments or seasonal payments, including for your first payment. Just visit your online account!

It takes around 5 working days for a payment to be requested so changes must be made before we start requesting your next Direct Debit payment.