7 weeks before the end of your fixed tariff agreement

✉ We will email you to let you know:

  • A ‘Renewal’ page is now available in your online account.
  • Your ‘Renewal’ page shows the tariff we currently have on offer (subject to change). 
  • If you did decide you want to switch away, we will not charge early exit fees from now onward.

✉ We will send a reminder closer to the end of your tariff

✉ We will send a reminder on the last day of your tariff

If you don’t renew

✉ We will send you an email on the day after your tariff has ended, to let you know you are now on our standard variable tariff, So Flex. So Flex is relatively cheap, and there are no early exit fees. You will still be able to renew through the Renewal page of your online account at any time.

  • As you are still on supply with us, we will continue to take your usual monthly payments via Direct Debit towards your energy usage and we will periodically contact you to discuss adjusting this payment to cover your usage


Why don’t you put me straight onto the cheapest tariff?

We cannot take out a contract on your behalf. Our contracts are subject to Terms & Conditions including early exit fees, so you must look over this yourself. It only takes a few clicks to read through all the information and renew yourself online.

My current tariff is cheaper, should I wait until the last day of my tariff to renew?

No! If your renewal tariff is more expensive than your current tariff, we will of course let you finish the full 12 or 24 months of your cheaper tariff first, regardless of when you agree to renew. In fact, the renewal tariff on offer is subject to change, so if you like it, go for it! You’ll have a 14-day cooling off period if you change your mind.