We know moving can be stressful but sorting out your energy doesn’t have to be. We handle most of the process for you, we just need a few details from yourself. There’s a quick form to fill out which will be sent straight to our operations team. This article will explain everything you need to know. 

Moving Home Form

What do we need?

To process your move, we'll need to take a few details from you. You can provide them by completing this form

These details will be some dates, some meter readings and some address details so please have the following things handy:

So Energy account number- This is an eight digit number starting 00 that can be found on the top of any email we have sent to you or on your welcome page in your online account.

Full name- Please ensure the name you provide matches with the name on your account.

Telephone number- Please ensure that this matches with the contact number associated with your account.

Address moving out of- please include the full address including postcode of your current property

Last date of responsibility- This is the date that your tenancy for your current property ends or the last day where you are responsible and may not be the same as the day you move out of the property. This will be the date that your account is billed to.

Electricity and/or gas readings- Please provide us with meter readings for all meters that we supply at the property taken on the last day of responsibility or on the date closest to that. These reads will then be agreed with the new occupier before your final bill is issued. Please see this article for further information on reading your traditional or smart meters.

Contact details for new occupier (if known)- This helps us the process of creating an account for the new occupier but do not worry if you do not have any contact information.

Address of forwarding address- please include the full address including postcode for your forwarding address. We may use this in the eventuality we need to send any further communications to you via post.

Things to keep in mind

Can you supply my next property?

Great, we’d love you to stay with us! For more information on this have a look at our page here.

I’ve already moved out/I’m about to move out, am I going to be charged extra because I haven’t told you in time? 

No, even if you’ve already moved out we will only bill you for up to your last date of responsibility.

What happens to any credit I’ve got on the account?

You’ll receive your final bill which will detail any final any charges or early exit fees. Any credit that’s left on the account after that will be refunded back to you, there will be a date on your bill for when this will by. It is usually within 10 days after you receive your final bill.  

Will I be charged any early exit fees?

Early exit fees will only be charged if your current tariff(s) are not in the last 49 days of your contract.

Our 12 month, fixed tariff agreements have early exit fees of £20 per fuel (if your 12 month tariff began prior to 16 August 2021, your early exit fees will be £5 per fuel. If your 12 month tariff began after 16 August 2021 and up to 2 November 2021, your early exit fees will be £10 per fuel). That’s £40 if you end a dual fuel agreement early or £20 for ending a single fuel agreement early. Our 24 month, fixed term tariff agreements have early exit fees of £40 per fuel. That’s £80 if you end a dual fuel agreement early or £40 for ending a single fuel agreement early (if your 24 month tariff began on any date up to and including 2 November, your early exit fees will be £30 per fuel).

Should I cancel my direct debit with you? 

No, we will cancel the direct debit once the final bill has been settled. Cancelling the direct debit can lead to it taking longer to close your account and delay any credit you are owed to get back to you. If you do cancel your direct debit you will need to pay any charges owed manually  

What if I have cancelled my direct debit with you already?

We’d advise reinstating it, but otherwise you will need to pay any money owed through your online account or by getting in touch with us by the due date on your final bill. Any credit due back to you will still be paid but there may be a delay. 

What happens next?

Once we have all the information about your move, the rest of the process is down to us! Please remember to send a final meter read on your last day of responsibility if you haven’t already. We’ll send you your final bill, usually within 14 days of you moving out. After the final bill is settled the account will be closed.