We will send you a final bill once your new supplier gives us your final meter readings (their opening readings). 

If you disagree with our final reading

The final reading we use is given to us by your new supplier, so it's always a good idea to speak with them first as it is their responsibility to provide accurate readings when you switch. However, if the reading we’ve been given isn’t sensible and you let us know, we may be able to get this changed for you.

The most common reason why we cannot change your final reading is if the reading you would like to be used is too similar to the reading currently being used. If they are similar, then the current reading could reasonably have been taken around the time of your switch.

For So Energy to 'dispute' your final reading (ask for it to be changed) we will need a photo of your meter, once we've received this we'll let you know the next steps. Please send any photos to help@so.energy along with the name on your account and account number. Please make sure your photos shows the whole front of your meter including serial number and current meter reading. 

Time frames

The industry process to change a reading which has been used for a switch can take up to 6 weeks. Whilst this process is going on, we will not be able to change your final bill, and we will need to wait to settle your final account balance.