To enable us to perform our duties as an energy supplier, we've partnered with two successful meter installers who provide nationwide coverage to our customers. They have specially-trained engineers that can do anything from replacing, installing, fixing, or even just reading your meter.

Our partners:

For nationwide meter installations, we've partnered with AES Smart Metering Ltd, who are an award-winning meter installer that are supporting our customers up and down the country in their quest to upgrade to smart meters. You can learn more about the services AES provide at
For any large gas or non-standard gas requests, we've partnered with National Grid Metering. You can read more about National Grid Metering at Grid Logo

COVID-19 Update: 

At So Energy, the safety of our customers and our engineers in relation to COVID-19 is still a priority. Our appointments follow strict guidance to ensure the safety of our customers and team during visits to your home. Changes to how we work in your home have been guided by government advice and detailed risk assessments from our engineering partners. You can read more about these changes and what to expect here.


The engineers working on our behalf will not wear So Energy clothing when they visit, so it is very important that before you let them into your home, please always ask:
  • Which company they are from.
  • To see official proof of identification
  • For their name and ID number.

If you are still unsure whether or not to let them in, give us a call and we'll able to advise you. When visiting your home all our engineers should always:

  • Explain everything about any work they need to do.
  • Try to accommodate the way you’d like thing to be done.
  • Treat your home and possessions with upmost care.

Metering Costs

There aren't any costs when engineers come round to read your meter, for the installation of smart meters or if your meter isn't working properly and we need to fix it. Any additional work may be chargeable and the cost will depend on the work undertaken. Once you have received a quote from our Metering Team, this will be available for up to six months. All meter charges are subject to change.

Additional Meter Work

Our Metering Team will be able to offer you a quote for any work you require, including isolation switches, meter relocations and removals. If you require any additional work, please advise us at and provide us with a photo of the current meter set-up. 

It is your supplier’s responsibility to carry out any work on your meter and our engineers will relocate or remove the meter itself, however you may also require your Local Network Operator to carry out work on the main supply to your property. 

If an unauthorised party completes work on the meter or removes it from the property you may incur a charge.

Please contact us for further information.

Pre-arranged visits

If we need to arrange for someone to come round to inspect or fix your meter, we will need 15-working-days' notice, and we'll do our best to organise a convenient time with you. We offer four-hour time slots, either in the morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (12pm-4pm). The engineer due to visit should call ahead of time if there are any changes to the appointment.

Missed appointments

From time to time, appointments are missed. We try our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen but factors outside of our control sometimes mean that the appointment can't go ahead. We will always do our best to keep you updated along the way and we will pay £30 for each missed appointment if 24-hours' notice is not provided.

What if we can't do the work?

Our engineers are fully qualified and trained but there are things even they can't do. If any major work is required they might not be able to do the work themselves. If so, this work needs to be carried out by your Local Distribution Network.

The type of work that our engineers would not be able to do would be moving your energy meter more than a couple of feet or re-routing the gas pipes. You will need to call your Local Distribution Network yourself and liaise with them about it. You can find out who your Local Distribution Network is on your So Energy statement or, alternatively, find them by entering your postcode on the Energy Networks website