If you’ve received an email from us with the subject line “IMPORTANT- There’s been an objection to your switch” and are unsure what this means, this article will explain what effect this has on your switch to us. We can get to the bottom of it quite easily and get you back on track. 

Objections and your supply

Energy suppliers can object to a customer switching away from their supply. If your current energy supplier raises an objection to your transfer over to us, we will email you to notify you that this has happened.

How do I get my switch back on track?

  • Once an objection has been accepted by the Central Switching Service, your registration will automatically be cancelled.
  • As soon as you have received communication from us that there has been an objection to your switch and that your switch is not progressing, please contact your current supplier as soon as possible. They will be able to advise what the issue is and how the objection can be lifted.
  • We will not have any information as to why your switch has been blocked but can help you to find your current supplier if you do not know who it is.
  • Once your current supplier has confirmed that your objection has been lifted, please contact us to let us know that we are clear to re-register your supply.
  • As long as you have contacted us that the objection has been lifted by your current supplier, we will ensure your supply is re-registered at the earliest opportunity.

Why has this happened?

To find out the reason for the objection, you will need to contact your current supplier and see how to resolve it. We will provide you with any help or guidance we can but we’re very limited with what we can do when another supplier objects. 

The most common reasons for an objection are:

  • You have just moved into a property and the property’s current energy supplier doesn't have your personal details yet
  • There's an outstanding balance on your account
  • If switching electricity, its possible you have related MPANs and have not requested for both MPANs to be registered by us.

You can get in contact with us by either calling us on 0330 111 50 50 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or by emailing us at help@so.energy.