Switching energy suppliers is usually pretty straightforward. However, sometimes an energy supplier may accidentally switch the wrong energy supply. The energy industry calls this an 'erroneous transfer'.

The most common reason for erroneous transfers is when customers accidentally select the wrong address, usually a neighbour's, or when meter details are incorrect on the national database.

We've switched the wrong meter

When you switch to So Energy, we will ask you to choose your address from the addresses held in a central industry database (all energy suppliers do something like this). Sometimes the information isn't 100% correct - especially for flats or new builds.

This is why it is so important to double check the information in your Welcome Pack, such as your MPAN (for electricity), MPRN (for gas), so we can identify any problem as soon as possible.

What to do if you think this has happened

Firstly, please check if the MPAN and MPRN we are registering (shown in your Welcome Pack) are the same as the MPAN / MPRN shown on an energy statement from your previous supplier. See What is an MPAN and MPRNs? for more information on where to find these. If they don't match, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get this fixed. The sooner the better! 

We will probably ask for photographs showing the full front of your meters, so if you're able to do this now, please email them to help@so.energy as soon as you can so we can rectify this, the sooner we know the better.

Once we can see there's been an error, we'll stop switching the incorrect meters, or if we've already completed the switch, we'll give the supply back to the previous supplier and both suppliers, in the long run, will bill customers as if the switch didn't happen. We'll also begin switching your correct meters. We will only charge you for the energy that we supply to your correct meter, so if there has been a delay in getting the correct meter on supply, we may adjust your payments. 

Someone has switched your energy by mistake

If you receive an email from us about you switching away but you didn't start the switch, another energy supplier is attempting to take over your supply in error.

What to do if you think this has happened

Get in touch as soon as possible to say you didn't start the switch. If the switch has only just started, we can 'object' to it (stop it from happening). If it's too late to stop the switch, we will switch your supply back as soon as possible and because the switch was an error, both suppliers in the long run will act as if the switch didn't happen. With this in mind, we will continue to take your monthly payments so you don't fall behind. However, there may be a delay in your statements whilst we get your supply back. Once your supply is back with us, you will be charged as usual for the full period that we were your chosen energy supplier. You should not have to pay anything to the company that erroneously switched your supply.

We've signed up to the Erroneous Transfer Customer Charter (ETCC). This is a voluntary code of conduct ensuring that all electricity and gas suppliers promise to protect you if a switch has been initiated by mistake. You should never be out of pocket as a result of an erroneous transfer and you should continue to pay your old supplier, as normal.