When you switch suppliers, your new supplier is responsible for asking you for meter readings and getting them independently checked or 'validated'. Gas and electricity readings are validated by separate, independent companies. See our guide to the Opening reading validation process for more information.

If you don't give an opening reading to your new supplier, or the reading you gave doesn't seem right, the validation company will create an estimated reading. Whether it's your reading or an estimate, the important thing about this process is that the same reading will be given to both old and new suppliers, so that you are never charged twice for any energy.

If you disagree with our opening estimated reading

Estimates are based on your meter's previous readings and previous usage. Sometimes estimates aren't accurate, especially if few readings have been submitted for your meter in the past, or if you've not lived in the property for very long. If you disagree with an estimated opening reading, we can (in many cases) get this changed for you by 'disputing' the estimate. Please read how to dispute a reading below.

If you disagree with our closing estimated reading

The estimate we've used has been given to us by your new supplier's validation company. If you disagree with this, it's often best to ask your new supplier about this first as they will be handling your switch. However, we can 'dispute' the estimate too to get it changed for you. Please read how to dispute a reading below.

How to dispute a reading

For So Energy to dispute an estimated opening or closing reading, please contact us with the following:

  • What should your meter reading have been at the time of your switch?
    We can only change readings used for switching (opening or closing readings), if they are significantly wrong. According to energy industry rules, your reading must have a difference of more than 250 electricity units (kWh) for an electricity reading, or a difference of 39 imperial gas units (you'll see ft3 on the meter) or 125 metric gas units (you'll see m3 on the meter) for a gas reading. Anything less than this means that the estimate is sensible and could reasonably have been a reading taken around the time of your switch, and the difference to you in cost will be very small.
  • What is your current meter reading?
    We need to know what your meter reading was on another date, close to but not at the time of your switch. This provides extra evidence, so we can prove to the energy industry that your estimate is wrong. Remember, estimates are created using previous readings, so the estimate has some evidence too - we need stronger evidence!
  • Are you able to send a photo of your meter? 
    Please send a photo of your meter to help@so.energy. The photograph doesn't need to be from the time of your switch, a current photograph is great as well.

Disputing readings can be a lengthy process, often taking 6 weeks or more. This time frame means there may be a delay to your first or final statements. We'll be in contact to let you know as soon as the dispute process has finished.

Either supplier can dispute your estimated reading

Whether you're switching to us or away from us, either supplier involved in the switch can dispute the reading being used. If another supplier disputes your reading with us, we will get in touch to let you know what will happen next.

Once an opening/closing reading has been agreed and changed with both suppliers, we will need to reissue any statements that used incorrect readings.