So Flex is Our Variable Tariff

Our So Flex tariff is our standard variable tariff (SVT). With So Flex, prices can go up or down according to the price cap set by industry regulator Ofgem. Ofgem projects that this will increase significantly from 1 October 2022. 

The Price Cap is the maximum amount a supplier can charge you for energy and is set by Ofgem. At present, the Price Cap is updated twice a year, in April and October. Recently, Ofgem announced that they will change the frequency of Price Cap updates to every 3 months. 

When the cost of wholesale energy or Price Cap increases, so will the amount you pay for a variable tariff. We'll always let you know in advance about any changes in the price of our So Flex tariff. 

You can protect yourself from price increases by signing up for one of our fixed rate tariffs. If you do decide to switch to fixed, the rates and charges you pay will remain the same for the duration of your fixed contract (though how much energy you use will affect your monthly payments). 

You can read more about Ofgem's energy Price Cap here, and our So Flex rates here.