Switching your energy supplier should be quick and easy, giving you the confidence to change your provider when you want. This is why we have signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee

Our commitment to you:

Hassle free 

  1. All energy providers use the same wires and pipes, therefore your energy supply will not be interrupted.
  2. The switching service is free.
  3. The switch will take no more than 5 working days from the date your new provider receives your completed application.
  4. Your new energy provider will not need to visit your home to complete the switch unless you agree otherwise.
  5. Your new energy provider will arrange the switch, including contacting your current provider to let them know you are leaving.

Signing up

  1. Your new energy provider will send you details of your new energy supply agreement for you to check and you will have 14 days to change your mind. 
  2. Your new and current providers will work together to make sure you are not charged twice for the same energy.

Issues or delays

  1. If there are any issues in making the switch, your new provider will contact you as soon as possible and will be responsible for putting it right.

Billing – your previous provider’s responsibility

  1. Following the switch your current provider will send you a final bill no later than 6 weeks after the switch.
  2. If your current provider owes you any money, it will refund it to you no later than 14 days after sending you the final bill.

More information on each commitment within the Guarantee can be found at further information.

If you're just looking for general information about the code itself as well as who else has signed up, check out the main site www.energyswitchguarantee.com