• What's on screen

    1. Signal Strength - the strength of the signal between your IHD and smart meter 
    2. Battery indicator – battery level and charging status 
    3. Time - time of day 
    4. Energy usage dial – here’s where you can see your usage (low-green, medium-orange, high-red) 
    5. Fuel type – your fuel type – gas, electricity or both 
    6. Budget indicator – the budget line indicates your energy usage compared with your personally set budget (Find out more in ‘Setting your budget’) 
    7. Numerical Display – your electricity and/or gas expenditure in pounds, pence and kWhs 
    8. Text display – your text feedback, messages and prompts 
    9. Ambient lights – your instant electricity usage (low-green, medium-orange, high-red) 
    10. Control buttons – control your In-Home Display; view different information and functions 
    11. On/Off button – located on the back of your display

  • Setting a budget

    Setting a budget within your IHD is a good way of monitoring and reducing your energy usage, with the option of being alerted if and when you exceed it. Press MENU/OK, then SETTINGS and SET BUDGET.

    Once this is set up, your on-screen Energy Usage Dial will allow you to monitor your budget in real time. In SETTINGS, you can enable or disable the function for the device to alert you via an alarm when you exceed your budget.

  • See your energy usage in real time

    Your Energy Usage Dial shows you your energy consumption in real time, with green amber and red indicators for low, medium and high usage, respectively.

    By pressing NOW on your IHD, you’ll be able to see your current energy usage. With this function, you can observe instantly the effects of switching individual appliances on and off, showing you the biggest opportunities to save electricity.

  • Customising your display

    Press MENU/OK and then SETTINGS for the areas of your IHD you can customise, which are:

    • Set your budget
    • Screen brightness
    • Languages - English/Welsh
    • Clear settings-clear all settings
    • Access your account information, press MENU/OK, “Settings”, “Account”
    • Enable or Disable the features below:
      • Budget alert
      • Night mode (screen dims between midnight and 7am)
      • Low credit alert
      • Key tones
  • Troubleshooting

    My monitor isn’t showing any information

    If your monitor says 'Waiting for data' it’s possible that it’s just out of range of the meter. Move it closer and the problem should resolve itself.

    If this issue persists, please email us a clear photo of the device GUID (ID number) which is printed on the bottom of the device. Our email address is help@so.energy.

    My monitor screen is blank

    Your IHD has a power-saving mode that turns the screen’s backlight off. Touch the screen to turn it back on. You can adjust this feature in SETTINGS.

    If you’re powering your IHD using batteries, it could be that the batteries are flat. Usually, batteries will be able to power your IHD for around four hours, so we recommend that it is always connected to mains power.

    My display is not showing any readings

    This could mean your IHD is too far from your meter. Try moving it closer and check again for readings.

    If you’re still not getting anything after trying this, please email us a clear photo of the device GUID (ID number) which is printed on the bottom of the device. Our email address is help@so.energy.