• What's on screen

    1. Electricity usage - the current rate of electricity consumption. As appliances and lights are switched on and off, the dial needle will move 
    2. Rate of consumption - shown in cost per hour or, if kW is selected, the rate of energy being used 
    3. Menu - press to enter Menu whilst on the Home screen / Press to return to the Home screen 
    4. Navigation buttons - use the < > buttons to navigate around the screen 
    5. Ambient lights - your instant electricity usage (GREEN for low, AMBER for medium or RED for high) or BLUE for gas-only setups 
    6. Unit type - press to switch between cost or energy consumption whilst on the Home screen 
    7. Return button - press to return to previous screen 
    8. Gas usage - the flame shows the recent rate of gas consumption (typically over the last 30 minutes). If you only have a gas smart meter, then the electricity dial is not shown 
    9. Viewing tabs - the arrow buttons move between Energy now, Energy today and Prepay balance (if applicable) tabs 
    10. Signal strength - the banner bar allows you to check the smart meter(s) signal strength, and WiFi signal strength (if fitted)
  • Menu

    The main menu is available on the Home screen. To get there, touch the icon that looks like a house at the bottom of the screen.

    Electricity/Gas usage
    This shows your energy consumption for the week, month and year

    System status
    Indicates whether everything in your IHD is working (green light) or whether there are issues that need to be resolved (amber or red lights)

    The price of your current tariff and, if that price is changing (say, for example, you renewed your tariff), the price of the next.

    View messages sent to you from your energy provider. If a message is too long for the screen, use the ^ and v buttons. A message has to have been read before it can be deleted, once it’s been read, press the … button for more options

    This is where you can view your current meter readings, should you need to submit them, as well as information on your meter(s)

    Details on how you can get in touch with your provider(s)

    Here you can personalise your IHD to make it work the way you want it to

  • Setting up your GEO Trio II In-Home Display (IHD)

    Plug your IHD into the mains with the power supply cable that came with it. Your unit will then turn on automatically. Your IHD should always be connected to your mains power.
    The power supply cable has been specifically designed for use with your IHD, and should not be used to power any other device. To configure the screen to dim and brighten at certain times during the day, go to SETTINGS and then DISPLAY.
    Your IHD can also be powered using 3xAAA (LR03) non-rechargable batteries. To do this, remove the back of the unit and insert the batteries as displayed on the inside case. Replace the back of the unit, and the monitor should show a battery symbol at the top of the screen. It’s advisable to use the power supply cable to power your unit rather than batteries for any prolonged period.

    Connecting to your smart meter
    Whenever your IHD is switched on, the screen will show the words Connecting to smart meter…Which may take around five minutes. It may take up to an hour for your IHD to show gas usage.

    Monitoring energy usage
    Press MENU and select DAY to view energy usage for the day. Press the O icon to switch between kWh and £.
    The row shown in light green is the hour during which the most energy was used that day, and the day’s total is to the right.
    Also under MENU, you can find WEEK, MONTH and YEAR. These show you your consumption - and highest periods of usage - across the last nine days, six weeks or 14 months.
    If a budget has been set (SETTINGS - BUDGET), the above options will show in red when the set budget has been exceeded.

    Setting a budget
    In order to set a budget on your Geo Trio IHD, go into SETTINGS and select BUDGET. Here, you can use +/- to change your monthly budget.
    If you have set a budget, your IHD will use your consumption data to predict whether your consumption that day will remain with budget. For example, if today is Tuesday, the previous Tuesday will be used to make this assessment.
    On the HOME screen, you will see ENERGY USAGE TODAY. This will show you how close to your set budget you are. If you are predicted to be under budget, the prediction will be in green. Over budget, amber. If the budget has already been exceeded, red.

    Your display
    You can edit the brightness of your screen, as well as turn your backlight on and off and set a backlight timer. This means the backlight will turn on and off automatically at the times you decide.

  • Troubleshooting

    My monitor isn’t showing any information
    If your monitor says Waiting for data, it’s possible that it’s just out of range of the meter. Move it closer and the problem should resolve itself.

    If you’re still not getting anything after trying this, please email us a clear photo of the device GUID (ID number) which is printed on the bottom of the device. Our email address is help@so.energy.

    My IHD is making noise
    Your IHD has a speaker that alerts you to new messages, when you exceed your budget and other events. You can adjust the volume, or disable these alerts entirely, in Settings.

    My monitor screen is blank
    Your IHD has a power-saving mode that turns the screen’s backlight off. Touch the screen to turn it back on. You can adjust this feature in SETTINGS - DISPLAY.

    If you’re powering your IHD using batteries, it could be that the batteries are flat. Usually, batteries will be able to power your IHD for around four hours, so we recommend that it is always connected to mains power.

    My display is not showing any readings
    This could mean your IHD is too far from your meter. Try moving it closer and check again for readings.

    If you’re still not getting anything after trying this, please email us a clear photo of the device GUID (ID number) which is printed on the bottom of the device. Our email address is help@so.energy.

    Error codes
    Your display may show you an error code if something isn’t right. These are the most common error codes, what they mean and what to do if one pops up.

    Monitor error
    There’s a fault with your IHD. Remove and reinsert the power cable. If the problem persists, contact us at help@so.energy
    20Connection error
    The IHD and meter aren’t talking to each other. Move the IHD closer to the meter. If that doesn’t work, contact us at help@so.energy
    21, 25
    Electricity meter error
    Move your IHD closer to your meter. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact us at help@so.energy
    22, 26
    Gas meter error
    Move your IHD closer to your meter. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact us at help@so.energy
    30WiFi module not found
    If you have the optional WiFi module, remove and reinsert it
    WiFi error
    This means the WiFi module can’t communicate properly. Please check your WiFi and check your settings in SETTINGS - WIFI