Every month your payments are scheduled to come out on the same day. However, when there is a bank holiday, some payments will be delayed due to the loss of a working day. This article will explain how this affects you.

How do Bank Holidays affect my direct debit payments being taken?

If your scheduled monthly Direct Debit payments fall on a bank holiday, there will be a delay to when this payment is taken. Typically, it will be taken the next working day. For example, if your payments are scheduled to be taken on the 4th of every month but 4th May is a bank holiday, your payments will be taken the next working day, 5th May.

Payments are also not taken at weekends so there is the potential for a delay of up to 3 days. For example, if your scheduled Direct Debit payment date was a Saturday but the following Monday is a bank holiday, your payment won’t be taken until the following Tuesday.

I’ve received my bill but no payment has been taken and I have a higher than expect debit on the account, what do I need to do?

Your bills are produced around 2 days after your Direct Debit payment is scheduled to be taken. However, this can mean around bank holidays when payments can be taken 2 days or more later than scheduled, a bill may be produced that shows no payments being taken and a higher debit than expected, but please don’t worry! On the following month’s bill you will see the payment taken for the following month as well as the payment taken for the current month. You will not be over or undercharged.

If you believe a payment is missing or have any concerns about your bills, please get in contact with us by either calling us on 0330 111 50 50 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or by emailing us at help@so.energy.