Looking to find out how solar panels work when it comes to smart meters? We've put together a few helpful FAQs so that you know exactly what to expect from this dynamic duo. 

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Can I have smart meters installed if I have solar panels?

Yes! The good news is, you can have smart meters installed if you have solar panels. In fact, the two work together harmoniously.  

What information about my solar system will be displayed on my smart meter?

Your electricity smart meter will record your export reading and you will be able to view this on your meter display. This reading is the amount of excess energy your solar system is exporting back into the grid. 

You can find your solar export reading by scrolling through the display on your smart meter. For a guide on how to read your smart meter, please check out our page here. As a pointer, this will look something like this:


Will my in-home display (IHD) show solar information?

Unfortunately, your IHD is not designed to be able to display any information relating to export or generation from your solar system, only import from the grid. However, you will still be able to view export data on the actual smart meter display as discussed above and in your monthly statements (assuming you have an export agreement with us). 

To see your solar system generation, please view the generation meter that would have been installed with your panels.

What if I have an existing FIT/SEG agreement with another energy supplier?

If you have an existing Feed-in Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee agreement with another energy supplier, we recommend that you check with them first before having a smart meter installed by So Energy. 

On that note, it is possible to have a FIT or SEG agreement with another energy supplier (for your export energy) while having an agreement with So Energy for your import energy. As your import energy supplier, it would be our responsibility to install your smart meter and to ensure that it's functioning correctly.

Will So Energy automatically receive my export readings every month?

If you are registered on our SEG tariff and you have a smart meter that is communicating over the smart network, we are able to receive your monthly export meter readings, just like we can with your import meter readings. However, there are some instances where we are unable to have these added to your monthly bills. 

This is something that we are working very hard to resolve, but for the time being we are asking our customers to submit their monthly export readings via their online account, just so that we can ensure you are paid for the energy you have exported throughout the month.