We know that it’s not always easy to keep up with bills, and if you do find yourself struggling, get in touch and we can discuss ways in which we can help. We can: 

  • Discuss a final bill repayment plan.  
  • Review your monthly direct debit payments to match your regular consumption and clear down any arrears over a longer period. 
  • Discuss a temporary reduction in your monthly payments if you have had a sudden change in circumstances such as loss of employment or income. As this could increase your debt in the future, we can only offer this as a short-term solution. 
  • Give you plenty of advice on how to lower your energy bills, check out our energy saving tips. 
  • Install a smart meter to ensure we have accurate and up to date meter readings and you can view your usage in real time. 
  • Make sure you are on the most cost-effective tariff. 
  • Check that we've billed to actual meter readings. 

Where can you get further support? 

We’ve partnered with Money Advice Service, and have joined their Money Adviser Network Money Advice Service is a government initiative that offers free and impartial financial advice to those who are experiencing difficulties or struggling to manage their debt. Its aim is to ensure people have access to the help they need to deal with creditors, reduce debt, get support in managing money and to build financial resilience. In 2018, Money Advice Service found that of the 52 million adults in the UK, 9 million were either missing payments or felt like keeping up with bills was a heavy burden. This means that anyone struggling is not alone, and Money Advice Service is here to help.  

We’d recommend speaking to someone at Money Advice Service rather than fee-charging companies who claim to be government-backed organisations but may not be. If in doubt, contact Money Advice Service’s helpline and they’ll let you know if a company is what they claim to be.  

Our payments and collection team are being trained by Money Advice Service to ensure we can support our customers and give the best advice to get any help needed.  

The Money Adviser Network 

The Monday Adviser Network is designed to get people straight to debt support and provide a speedy response to a request for help. There’s a virtual contact centre that provides a single point of entry to a panel of debt advice agencies. We also provide feedback to Monday Advice Service on the referral process to help streamline and maximise the efficiency of the process.  

Please contact Money Advice Service via their free helpline number - 0800 138 7777 or visit their website. As well as being there for help and advice, they offer several tools you can use: 

  • Money Navigator tool– The Money Navigator tool gives you action plans based on your own situation. Answer a few questions and you will know in 30 seconds: 
    • The money issues you need to tackle first 
    • How to stay on top of bills and payments 
    • What extra help and support you’re entitled to 
    • Where you can get free advice for debt, housing or redundancy 
  • Debt health check – The debt health check will help you work out the best option to help you beat your money worries. It will ask you a series of questions about your circumstances and then provide you with advice to manage your debt.