Has your in-home display stopped displaying data? Chances are your smart meter(s) might have temporarily lost communication, but before contacting us it's worth carrying out some quick troubleshooting steps that we will run through below. 

Is my smart meter working in smart mode?

Citizens Advice have produced a great tool to check if your smart meter is operating in smart mode. If you're concerned that your meter might not be working in smart mode, please click here

Waiting for data message

One of the more common errors to display on your IHD, this could be caused by a number of different reasons. Essentially, your IHD has stopped communicating with the 'comms hub' that attaches to the top of your electricity smart meter, so we need to try and get you connected again.

  1. Initially, it's always best to go for the classic 'off and on' as this may just do the trick.
  2. If the device is still failing to connect after that, try moving your IHD to a new location in your property. It could be that the signal is being impacted in its current location.
  3. If there is still no change to the display after moving your device, it's time to reach out. Please send us a photo of the screen and details of the error via help@so.energy and we will be more than happy to help.

My IHD is no longer displaying electricity and/or gas data, what happened? 

If your in-home display (IHD) was working but has suddenly stopped displaying data, it's likely that one of two things has happened:

  • Your IHD signal is being blocked; possibly by distance between your devices, thick walls, or another nearby device causing interference.
  • Your smart meters have briefly stopped communicating with us over the smart metering network. If this is the case then don't worry, this will not impact your energy supply in any away. You can read more about this here

You might not necessarily know if your smart meters have stopped communicating, but checking your IHD is a good place to start. If no data or only partial data (for one fuel perhaps) is visible after 48 hours, it's best to contact us via help@so.energy so that we can take a look.

My IHD isn't connected after my smart install

The engineer that initially comes and installs your smart meters will nine times out of 10 be able to connect up your IHD, but some devices occasionally need an extra nudge to get them up and running. This is where we come in!

If at least 48 hours has gone by since your installation and you have witnessed no change to the display, please contact us via help@so.energy and we will be more than happy to take a look. It's worth us mentioning that we should be able to resolve this query for you remotely, so there should not be a need for a return engineer visit (unless absolutely required). You can read more about what to expect after your smart installation here.

The lights on my in-home display (IHD) keep changing, what does this mean?

At the bottom of your IHD, you may notice the lights keep changing colour. These are the 'ambient usage lights' and they respond to your real-time electricity usage. GREEN shows low usage, AMBER medium and RED high. Go ahead, flip your kettle on and watch what happens!

My IHD seems to be faulty

If for any reason your IHD is found to be faulty within the first 12 months of installation, we will provide you with a replacement free of charge. 

If your IHD is over 12 months old, we may charge to issue a replacement. 

I've noticed a change in the lights on my smart meter, should I worry?

The keen eyed amongst you might spot a change in the light frequency or light colour on the communications hub attached directly to the top of your electricity smart meter. This could be for a number of different reasons, but most likely you may be experiencing a drop in connection. Chances are if this is the case, your IHD will have stopped displaying data too. Why not check your connection by looking at the below:

If you are experiencing an error after 48 hours, it's best to reach out via help@so.energy. Our Smart Team here at So Energy can raise a 'remote reboot' request against your smart meter(s), which usually does the trick in getting them connected again.