The price of wholesale energy - the energy that we buy to supply your home - is prone to fluctuation. Our So Energy trading team has lots of insight into when wholesale energy prices are expected to increase or decrease. If there’s a fixed tariff that we think will benefit you, we’ll update your online account with your options, it’s up to you what you do. 

Our new fixed-rate tariffs may be priced higher than what you’re paying if you’re coming to the end of your current fixed-rate contract, if wholesale energy prices are increasing. Fixing your rates will protect you from wholesale price rises for the duration of the contract. If you chose to remain or move onto our So Flex tariff the price you pay will move in line with the price of wholesale energy. We’ll always let you know in advance about any increase should you want to renew onto a fixed rate tariff. Variable tariffs cannot go higher than the price cap set by Ofgem.

You can view compare and renew your current energy rates on your online account

To find out more about the energy price cap and how this affects you click here.