Your estimated annual consumption is how many units of energy (kWh) the industry estimates your property will use over a year based on your average daily usage. This figure is used to calculate and create your monthly Direct Debit amount. Your estimated annual consumption is always printed on your bill or you can log in to your online customer account and click on 'My Energy Usage'.

How is the Estimated Annual Consumption Calculated?

  • The estimated annual consumption is a set of rolling figures attached to each property with a separate domestic supply 
  • These are held within centralised industry databases and regularly sent to your energy supplier (like us)
  • These figures are calculated based on your meter readings - your suppliers will be sending records of those readings regularly to the databases 
  • The figures are updated regularly based on your meter readings, but as the records stretch over a few years any updates will be marginal - if your energy usage habits change drastically in a short period of time, it will take a while for the figures to catch up, though they will eventually
  • The more accurate meter readings you provide to your supplier (if you're struggling to do so, consider getting a smart meter) the higher the chance that the estimates will be accurate 
  • If you find that the figures are incorrect for your property, we cannot quickly update the centrally held numbers - you'll need to submit monthly meter readings and wait for it to slowly adjust to the correct figure
  • But when you contact us, we can use your recent meter readings to generate a more accurate number for the short term
While these figures are estimates, in practice we find that they are accurate for the vast majority of customers - which is why we use them for our Direct Debit review calculations. 

How Do I View the Estimated Annual Consumption?

Step 1: Log in to your online account and scroll to your 'My So Tariff' tab. 

Step 2: Click on 'Electricity' or 'Gas' to see your estimated consumption for each. 


Where you can find your estimated annual consumption on your statement: