We do understand that the recent increase in the energy price cap is a really difficult and frightening situation, and it’s one affecting customers of all suppliers. 

We can review your Direct Debit payments in light of the new price cap, and although it is likely to increase, we’ll only ever charge you for the energy that you’ve used. If you don’t have a smart meter it’s really important to submit regular meter readings so we can bill accurately, otherwise we’ll be billing on an estimate of what you’ve used and you might overpay.  

Any reads you took on 31st of March can be submitted until midnight on Sunday, 4th of April and will be backdated to 31st of March, just submit them via your online account or via email (with a photo if possible) at help@so.energy and we’ll do the rest. 

Please note, If we reduce your Direct Debit to a point where it doesn’t cover what you’re using, we run the risk of you getting into debt, and while your energy will never be cut off, that’s a situation we really don’t want. There are independent bodies that can offer advice and support if you’re struggling to keep up, which we have included at the bottom of this article in addition to some helpful information on why this price cap increase is happening, and what the government intends to do to support customers, including a £200 loan to help ease the burden.