We know there's been a lot of coverage about new initiatives to help with the rising cost of living.  As an Energy Supplier, we're playing a role in some of these plans, and we want to let you know how we’re helping.

The Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) 

The Government has announced that the EBSS will now be doubled from £200 to £400 per household, and that this will now be provided as a grant.  This means that beginning in October you’ll see us automatically apply credits to your electricity account.  Best of all, there’s nothing you need to do to receive this grant – we’ll handle everything. 

We’re working with the Government on exactly when and how these credits will be applied.  We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, but rest assured there’s nothing you need to do and we’ll apply the grant to your account directly. 

Why does it matter that the EBSS is now a grant? 

The previous version of the EBSS required Energy Suppliers such as us to recoup the payment over five years.  Now that the EBSS is a grant there’s no need to repay any of your credits. 

What other support is available? 

Most households will receive a £150 Council Tax Rebate starting from April 2022.  This is managed by your local authority, which you can find here

We’re also pleased that the Government has announced several new plans to directly support those most in need.  These initiatives include: 

  • a one-off Cost of Living Payment of £650 for those on means-tested benefits
  • an additional £300 Pensioner Cost of Living Payment; and  
  • a Disability Cost of Living Payment of £150.   

These will be administered by the Department of Work and Pensions, and more information can be found on the Government’s Support Factsheet