Most of the time electricity and gas meters don’t require much of your attention. Typically, you’ll only look at your meter once a month when you submit your readings - or not at all if you have a smart meter! However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may believe there’s an issue. If this is the case, we’ll need a photo or video of your meter to diagnose the problem.

If you have a smart meter

You’ll have to press some buttons to get the meter read on the screen and we’ll need a video showing which buttons you press to view the reading. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Firstly, check out our guide on how to read your smart meter. There are many types of smart meters and all require pressing different buttons to view your meter read.

  2. Start recording your video and follow the instructions from the guide.

  3. When your meter read shows on the screen, make sure this is in focus.

  4. Once you’ve shown the meter read in the video, find the meter serial number and make sure this is in focus in the video. The serial number is a string of numbers and/or letters usually next to a barcode sticker.

  5. Lastly, stand back and make sure there’s a clear shot of your meter and the surrounding area - about 6 inches around the meter.


If you have a traditional meter

If you have a traditional meter, this is one without a digital screen and multiple buttons and we will need a photo of the meter. Here are some tips for taking the photo.

  • Make sure the meter reading is clearly shown and there is no obstruction or glare on the screen.

  • Make sure the meter serial number is clearly shown. This is a string of numbers and/or letters usually next to a barcode sticker.

  • It’s useful for our metering team to be able to see about 6 inches around the meter, to check there are no issues with wires, cables or pipes. You may want to take a close up photo of the meter reading and serial number, and another photo for the wider shot.

  • We may ask for the photo to be time-stamped, if this is the case you can simply send us a photo taken on a smartphone which will automatically timestamp it for you.

If you need some help reading your traditional meter, click the link to find out how to read your meter.

Here are some examples

A smart meter:

A traditional meter: