In this guide we'll explain the responsibilities that both customers and we as a supplier have when it comes to meter readings.

What's a meter reading?

Your electricity and gas meters measures your energy in units. For gas these are measured in cubic meters (m3) or cubic feet (ft3). For electricity this is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). As you use energy, that number accumulates on the meter. So if you move into a new house, and on the day your electricity meter reads 1000, that means you’ll start to be billed from that reading. When you’re asked for a meter reading, we can see how many units of energy you’ve used since the last you submitted.

How do I read meters? 

There are different types of meters which are read differently.  If you have a traditional meter, then check out this page. Smart meters send readings automatically. If you would like to know more about them, view our guide here. 

Why do I need to give meter readings?

Simply put, you have to inform us of how much energy you’ve used so we know how much to charge you. If you don’t provide readings, we generate estimates that are based on your historical usage. These are usually pretty accurate, but they are not exact. We could therefore be billing you too much, or too little. You need to make sure you give meter readings regularly to keep your account up to date and without debt.

We will remind you to provide meter readings through methods such as email, SMS and letters. Further to this, we can arrange for an engineer to attend your property and take a meter reading if you are not able to.

Your responsibility as a customer

As a customer you have a number of responsibilities to fulfil. The main one is that you provide regular and accurate readings for your energy supplies. Our Terms & Conditions states that you should do this at least every 90 days.  This allows us to bill you for how much energy you have used. Without this, we will use estimates until you provide a reading.

Our responsibility as a supplier

As a supplier we must provide you with accurate bills, while also reminding you to provide meter readings.  We will always endeavour to communicate the need for meter readings to you. We will use channels such as email, SMS, and letters, to communicate these reminders to you. Whilst awaiting a meter reading, we will endeavour to send you an estimated bill based on historical usage at the property.

Back billing

What is a back bill? This is a statement of usage sent by your energy supplier for any gas and electricity that you’ve used but are still to pay for.

What are the rules around back-billing? Simply put, you can’t be charged for gas or electricity used more than 12 months ago if you have not been correctly billed for it, or informed about it via a statement or bill. This includes situations where a supplier increases your Direct Debit because you were not paying enough. On occasions, we may not have issued you with a bill or we have revised charges for a period more than 12 months ago. This is outside the period in which a supplier can make amendments.