We’ll reward you for using less energy during peaks time throughout the winter

We believe in helping our customers lower their carbon footprint and rewarding them for taking part in that journey. As part of the ESO Demand Flexibility Service, So Rewarding gives you the chance to win prizes for shifting your usage to off-peak times and taking the strain off the energy grid. We’ll tell you in advance when a So Rewarding Moment is coming up, and it’s up to you how much energy you decide to not use in that time.

Click here for the So Rewarding Moments Terms & Conditions.


Getting started

How do I signup?

We’ll be rolling out So Rewarding over the remainder of 2023. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an e-mail from us inviting you to participate.

If you’d like to be one of the first to participate (and you meet the eligibility criteria below) just fill in this form and we’ll get in touch.

Is my household eligible for So Rewarding?

To participate in So Rewarding you need to:

  • be a So Energy supply customer (that is, you buy your electricity from us), and have been with us for 30 days (you can register before your 30 days have completed, but you will not be able to participate in a So Rewarding Moment before your first 30 days have passed);
  • have a working Smart Meter that is sending meter readings (don’t have a Smart Meter? Register your interest here);
  • opt-in to half-hourly meter readings. You’ll be required to agree to half-hourly readings when you sign up;
  • have an active email address

What information do I need to signup?

If you’re registering via the e-mail we sent, all you’ll need to do is confirm your e-mail address and the last four digits on the barcode of your In-Home Display (This will either be referred to as GUID or EUI on your IHD).

Don’t know how to find your GUID or EUI? It’s 16 characters long with dashes and we just need the last four characters. You can find this on the barcode that’s usually on the back or bottom of the IHD.

How can I sign up if I can’t find my In-Home display?

If you can’t find your In-Home display, please get in touch with us. Please note that it can take a couple of weeks before we can provide you with your GUID, although we’ll try our best to do so quickly.

So Rewarding Moments

What is a So Rewarding Moment?

This is what we’re calling the time period where you’ll opt in to try and save as much energy as you can.

How do So Rewarding Moments operate?

You'll be notified via email about the timings and the reward system per kWh saved. To participate, opt in before the challenge starts. 

  • During the Rewarding Moment, avoid using energy-intensive appliances such as your washing machine or tumble dryer. A day or so after, we'll inform you about your savings and earned points. If you rely on any electrical equipment for health reasons, we ask you to bear this in mind.

How will I be notified about So Rewarding?

You'll receive an invitation through e-mail to opt. We’ll give you as much notice as possible, but this may range from the day before through to a few hours beforehand. A reminder will be sent shortly before the So Rewarding Moment.

How will I know how much energy I’ve saved?

We’ll send you an e-mail with your calculated savings a few days after each So Rewarding Moment. The figure we will give you will be in kilowatt hours (kWh), but if you want to know what that means in terms of watthours (Wh) - which is how we calculate your prize pool entries - you only need to multiply by 1,000.




0.01 kWh

10 Wh


0.1 kWh

100 Wh


0.25 kWh

250 Wh


What time of day will the So Rewarding Moments occur?

The sessions can happen at any time, based on grid needs, making it challenging to schedule far in advance. Typically, So Rewarding Moments occur during peak times (4-7pm) when the grid is under more strain.

Do I have to join every So Rewarding Moment?

You can participate in as many or as few moments as you like, but opting in is necessary to earn points. No need to join if it's inconvenient; no reminders will be sent for unselected moments.

What happens if I don't opt in to a Rewarding Moment?

You can take part in as many or as few moments as you like, but to earn points, opt in before it begins. Without opting in, no points will be earned, even if you save power.

What happens if I opt-in to a So Rewarding Moment but change my mind?

Don’t worry, there’s no problem if you can’t participate even if you have opted in. We always want to make sure that So Rewarding Moments work for you when it suits you most. If you can’t save energy during an event you won’t receive any prize entries, but there’s no downside to using the same (or more) energy during this time.

How many So Rewarding Moments will there be?

The total number depends on grid needs, with these lasting between 30 mins and 1.5 hours. 

Saving Electricity Usage

What’s the best way for me to save electricity during So Rewarding Moments?

  • Make sure any appliances you aren't using are turned off at the wall. Even if they’re they’re on standby mode then can still consume small amounts of energy. Try turning off unnecessary lights too

What shouldn’t I do during So Rewarding Moments?

  • Don’t turn off anything you really need. Appliances like fridges and freezers need to be kept on at all times unless you want your food to go bad. If you rely on any medical equipment please make sure you don’t opt to turn this off.

What are some of the highest electricity consuming appliances in my home?

  • This will depend on both your home and the efficiency of your appliances. But things like tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and games consoles, all consume more electricity.

How do you calculate my energy saving?

  • We compare your actual energy use during the So Rewarding Event with what’s called your Baseline amount (your normal use). The ESO has set out the calculation for this Baseline which, in summary, is as follows: If the So Rewarding Event is on a working day, we take an average of the previous 10 working days. If the So Rewarding Event is on a weekend then the Baseline is calculated using the average of the 4 previous weekend days.


How much can I earn?

There’s no cash prizes to be won with So Rewarding.


What prizes can I potentially win?

There’s 4 tiers of prizes that are each unlocked based on the cumulative energy saved by customers. The first tier will be comprised of Amazon gift cards, with the later tiers comprising of free energy for a year and a free solar and battery installation. 

How do I actually win a prize?

To be eligible for each prize pool, you must have reduced your energy consumption by at least 100Wh (0.1 kWh) during the Rewarding Moment. Winners are selected at random during the draw. You can read more in our Terms & Conditions here.

When are prizes drawn?

  • Once a tier has been unlocked, a prize draw will take place, with customers being informed in due course if they have won.

What happens when I win a prize?

If you do win a prize, we’ll email you to let you know. As per our Terms & Conditions, you cannot exchange a prize for any cash value. Please also be aware we’ll never ask you for any financial information when contacting you.

I already save as much energy as I can. Should I take part?

This is completely up to you. So Rewarding is about shifting electricity-intensive activities, not constant energy savings. Any reduction in usage, however small, earns an entry, but only when 100Wh is saved.

I already shift my usage outside of peak times - how can I benefit from this scheme?

You're welcome to sign up, but rewards may be lower if your peak usage is already minimal. So Rewarding aims to reward flexible energy use for a broader audience.

I didn't save as much as I thought – what's going on?

Comparison is based on your normal usage during the So Rewarding Moment, meaning if you’re already a low consumption user there might not be a significant difference. Any usage that you have reduced will lower your energy cost and carbon footprint.

How do you work out my typical energy use?

We analyse your historical smart meter data leading up to a session, calculating your average usage at that time of day. How much you use during a challenge will be compared against this. According to Ofgem, using a tumble dryer will use about 4.5 kWh of energy in a single cycle, and an electric over will use 2kWh for about 30 minutes of use.

Who is paying for So Rewarding?

ESO, the electricity system operator for Great Britain, provides funding to helping balance the energy grid by reducing usage during peak times.

Leaving So Rewarding

What if I want to leave So Rewarding?

While we’d love to have you help us continue supporting our electricity network, we know that it can be difficult to save energy for many of us.

To leave So Rewarding, just check your e-mail box for any e-mail from “demandflexibilityservice@so.energy”. Every e-mail we send you after you’ve registered has a link to remove you from So Rewarding.

What if I want to leave So Rewarding but can’t find an e-mail to de-register?

Not a problem. Simply fill in this form and we’ll remove you from So Rewarding. Please note that it can take up to 14 days for your de-registration to take effect, so you may receive an invitation or two to participate in So Rewarding while we do so.

Other FAQs

Is my gas usage measured?

Only electricity usage will be measured with So Rewarding.

Do I need a smart meter?

Yes, and this is the most important part! We can only see how much you’ve saved if you have a smart meter installed that is sending us readings. These will also need to be half-hourly reads so that we can accurately see how you have saved during a session. Please be aware you’ll need to have your IHD so as you can find your GUID to complete your signup.

Can I take part if I have an export tariff?

If you have an export tariff with us (for example you have a Solar or Wind Generator) and an import tariff (you buy energy from us when needed) you can participate in So Rewarding. For now, only the savings on your import tariff count toward So Rewarding.

Can I still signup if I have an outstanding balance on my account?

Yes, although if you are struggling to pay for your energy usage we would encourage you to get in touch so we can help.

Why am I receiving e-mails from demandflexibilityservice@so.energy instead of so.energy?

There’s no need to worry (although you should always be vigilant for phishing attacks). We’re working with demandflexibility.co.uk to run So Rewarding.

I haven't received an invite for So Rewarding, why not?

We are rolling out So Rewarding to eligible customers first. This means having an active smart meter and a known in-home display (IHD). If you’d like to register your interest, you can do so here.

I can’t find any emails from you about So Rewarding.

Please check your spam folder. If our emails have landed there, be sure to move them to your inbox and mark as as a trusted sender.

My GUID/EUI is not being accepted.

We only need the last 4 digits of the GUID/EUI to signup. The GUID will not contain the letter “O” so don’t confuse these with the number 0.

Contacting us

What sort of support can you provide if I have questions?

If you have a question about getting set-up or if you’re having problems registering, please contact us using the e-mail and phone number below.

Please note we won’t be able to provide any guidance on:

  • When the next So Rewarding event will occur (these are set by the ESO and we’ll let you know as soon as possible via e-mail when one is scheduled)
  • If you’ve won a So Rewarding prize. If you’re a winner we will contact you directly
  • How your energy saving was calculated. This is done via an industry standard using your Smart Meter data

How do I contact you about So Rewarding?

You can reach us through e-mail on demandflexibilityservice@so.energy or via the phone on 0161 605 4813 .