So Energy has been partnering with Hometree for some time, offering customers the option to take up boiler cover at competitive rates. This spring we have launched an exciting offer for existing So Energy customers who are up for renewal of their tariff and are interested in taking up a Hometree plan.

This article will answer all your questions on this offer. You can find the Terms & Conditions for the offer here.


What is the offer?

If you renew your energy tariff and buy a Hometree plan you'll get 100% renewable electricity, fixed rates for 12 months, boiler cover and we'll boost your account with £50. When renewing via your online account, simply choose your energy tariff and provide your details for Hometree to contact you. Once you’ve purchased a plan with Hometree, we’ll apply £50 to your energy account. It's that simple! 

How much does a plan with Hometree cost? 

You can get a plan from as little as £12.95, depending on your level of cover and other factors. To get your quote, provide your details to Hometree during the So Energy renewal process and they will contact you with a quote. Hometree plans are billed and charged separately to any of your So Energy costs.

How do I know if I am eligible for this offer?

You must meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a So Energy customer
  • Must be a homeowner
  • Must have a gas boiler for heating or water

How do I sign up for the offer?

Once you have renewed your tariff via your online account, you will receive a confirmation message with more details about the offer and a form to register your interest and be contacted by our partner Hometree. You can also register your interest here.

When will my £50 credit be applied to my account?

Your £50 account credit will show on your online account and monthly statement within 30 days of you taking out your plan with Hometree. The credit may show on your online account prior to your monthly statement depending on the day the credit has been applied and the day your statement is generated.

How will I be able to see the credit on my energy account?

The £50 credit will be titled “Home Cover” credit. This will be visible on your online account under Balance & Statements and on your monthly statement. The £50 will be named “Home Cover Credit”.en

What if I cancel my energy contract but sign up to Hometree?

You will not be eligible for the £50 credit from us.

What if I don’t take a plan with Hometree? Do I still receive my £50 credit?

No, you will only receive the £50 credit if you take out a Boiler or Home Cover plan with Hometree in addition to renewing on a fixed rate tariff with So Energy.

What if I decide to cancel my Boiler or Home Cover plan?

If you cancel your plan within your cooling off period or within the first 30 days after joining, you will not receive the £50 credit.

What if I switch away from So Energy?

If you switch away within your cooling off period or within the first 30 days after joining, you will not receive the £50 credit.

What can I use my £50 credit for? 

The £50 credit goes towards your energy usage with So Energy.


What should I do if I have a problem with my boiler or it breaks down?

You can contact Hometree by phone or through the online portal to book a repair. It takes approximately 2 minutes using the portal! All they need is your email address. The request is reviewed and assigned to an engineer who will keep you up to date throughout your claim by text and email. If the boiler is beyond repair, Hometree will cover 15% of the cost of replacing it if they install it


Who should I contact if I need to make changes to my plan?

This can be done directly with Hometree. All you need to do is click on this link.