There are always things you get rid of when moving house, we hope you can put us in the keep pile! This article is going to explain the ins and outs of keeping us on as your supplier when you move.

If you need more information about just moving house, have a look at this article

What do we need? 

You’ll need to fill out a short form to tell us you want to move, towards the end of this form you’ll be asked if you want to take us with you. Please see below for more guidance.

Moving Home Form

New Address and Postcode- We’ll of course need your new address so we can check we can supply it and request to take it on supply.

Transfer or refund credit- Any credit that’s left over after your final bill can be transferred back to you but if you’re switching with us you can choose to have it added to your new account in your new property.

Direct Debit- Let us know if you’re happy using the same direct debit as on your previous account or if along with changing properties you’re payment method will also change.

Working out your quote-The final four questions will help us to work out a quote for your new property based on the fuels that you require us to supply and the main characteristics of your property that affect your energy consumption.

We use the fuel type(s) that you need us to supply, the number of bedrooms in your property, your main heating source and your main cooking source to work out a quote. This will be an estimated quote. Your actual energy consumption may be higher or lower than the quote we provide but don't worry. We carry out a direct debit review after we have been supplying this property for six months to ensure your payments are in line with your energy usage.

Things to know

I’m not moving into my new property straight away, how do I still move with you?

If there’s a gap we’ll likely have to close your account before you can come back on supply with us. If this is the case, please register with us again as a new customer. If you’re using the same email address please get in contact with us and we’ll be able to ensure that you can access your online account. We’ll need to offer you a new quote based on what we offer then. If you’ve been charged any early exit fees and there hasn’t been a gap of more than three months then we can refund those fees.

Will you be supplying my energy from my first date of responsibility at new property 

That’s very unlikely, but don’t worry! You’ll probably be on supply for a short period with whoever’s supplying your new property before we take over. Just make sure you get your opening meter reads when you move into your new property. Also, get in contact with your new supplier to let them know you’re the new occupier and you’re intending to switch away. This will prevent any delays in your switch to us. If you’re not sure who your new supplier is then take a look at this help page.

Will I lose supply at my new property as I don’t have an account with the existing supplier?

No, suppliers keep supplying a property even when a property is unoccupied. This is standard industry practice so as not to leave anyone without energy.

What will be the supply start date at my new property?

It will usually be around 5 working days after you move out of your old property. Look out for your Welcome Pack that will give you an exact date.

What happens next after I submit this form?

Once we have all the information about your move, the rest of the process is down to us! On the last day of responsibility for your current property, we will complete the move out process to close your current account with us. We will then start the registration process for your new property. You will receive a welcome pack with all the details of your new contract around this time. This will usually take 5 working days.

Need to contact us?

If you need to get in contact with us you can do this by either calling us on 0330 111 50 50 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or by emailing us at