Planning that next big project? Whether you're looking to have a new meter installed or you need some alterations made to your existing setup, we've got together this helpful section so that there are no nasty surprises when you reach out.

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Our charges: summarised

We've created a quick list so that you can see exactly what we'll charge for each of our different meter services. We'll go into the ins and outs of each service throughout this page.

Service TypeAvailable ServicesCost (including VAT)
Meter InstallationSmart Electricity, Gas or Both Meter Installations£0
Meter InstallationTraditional Single Phase Electricity and Standard Gas Meter Installations£158.89
Meter InstallationSmart Three Phase Meter Installation£0

Meter Installation
Traditional Three Phase Electricity Meter Installation£500
Meter RemovalElectricity Meter Removal£156.02
Meter RemovalGas Meter Removal£156.02
Meter RelocationElectricity Meter Relocation£156.02
Meter RelocationGas Meter Relocation£156.02
Meter TestingCheck Meter Installation (Electricity)£156.02
Meter TestingOFMAT Test (Gas)£160
OtherIsolation Switch Installation£156.02
OtherIHD Replacement (Accidental Damage)£30

I need a new meter installed

If you require a new meter install whether it be electricity, gas or both, you have a couple of options. We've broken these down for you below:

  • Smart meter installation (electricity, gas or both) - free of charge
  • Single phase legacy/traditional meter installation (electricity, gas or both) - £158.89 per meter (including VAT)
  • Split/three phase smart meter installation (electricity) - free of charge
  • Split/three phase legacy traditional meter installation (electricity) - £500 per meter (including VAT)

Getting started

  1. First, you will need to contact either your local DNO (electricity) or GT (gas) to request a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN - electricity) or a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN - gas). You will need one of these before we can register you for an account, so this is an important one.
  2. Once you have contacted either your DNO, GT or both (if you need both), they should outline all of the relevant steps on their end, including a date when they can come and install your new energy supply. They will also provide you with an MPAN or MPRN that we can use to set up your account, as well as your meter requirements e.g. a single phase domestic smart meter.
  3. Once you have been given 1) a date for installation, 2) an MPAN or MPRN (or both) and 3) your chosen meter requirements, please email us via to provide us with all of the details listed above. We can then come and install your meter on the same day (typically in the afternoon), or for a time that suits you.
  4. As a reference point, this process usually takes around 42 days from start to finish.

Not sure which meter to pick?
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By default we will offer you a smart meter, assuming your new energy supply can accommodate one. However, we do have other options available if requested. Why not visit our smart FAQ page for more details, or drop us an email at to request your free installation.

I need my meter removed

If you are looking to have your existing meter removed, we can certainly help. Our removal charges can be found below:

  • Electricity meter removal (smart or traditional) - £156.02 (including VAT)
  • Gas meter removal (smart or traditional) - £156.02 (including VAT), subject to higher charges based on the gas supply size*


As your nominated energy supplier we are the only party that is allowed to remove your meter. We reserve the right to conduct a full investigation should our meter be removed by any other means. Also, it's worth mentioning that the removal cost will still apply even if your DNO/GT have already disconnected your main supply.

Getting started

  1. If you would like to go ahead with the work, please email us a clear photo of the meter requiring removal via, along with a brief reason as to why you need the work done (just so that we can update our records).
  2. We can then arrange a site visit to de-energise/isolate your supply and remove your meter, then your DNO/GT can come and remove the cable or pipework (if you require a total supply disconnection i.e. if your house is being demolished).
  3. Just so you know, once we have removed your meter we will collate your final meter readings and will send a final bill out to you within 6 weeks.

I need my electricity meter upgraded

Looking to expand? Or maybe you're having an electric vehicle (EV) charging point installed. Whatever it may be, we can help by supplying a meter to match your upgrade requirements. At the moment, we do not offer upgrades for gas meters.

Getting started - electricity

  1. Most domestic electricity supply points are single phase, but if you need upgrading to a split or three phase set up you will first need to email us with clear photos of your entire meter/supply setup and complete upgrade requirements of you require. We won't be able to assist without this.
  2. As soon as we have confirmed exactly what you need, we will then arrange to attend on your chosen date with a three phase (bigger) meter.
  3. Once we have agreed on an upgrade date with you, please contact your local Distribution Network Operator requesting a supply upgrade and advising them of the date when we are ready to exchange the meter. They will need to complete their work before we do our bit, so usually they will attend in the first part of the day while we will visit in the afternoon to complete the process.
  4. A new three phase smart meter is free of charge, so we would recommend this option when considering a supply upgrade.

Some older domestic set-ups have a 60-80-amp main fuse that may require upgrading to 100 amps. Your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will upgrade the main fuse and we will upgrade the meter to match (if required). 

SO TIP: Our smart meters are compatible with 100A supply points, so if you need to upgrade, remember that smart meters come at no extra cost!

I need my meter relocated

Planning that new kitchen extension but your meter's getting in the way of things? No problem, just let us know and we can help!

  • Electricity meter relocation - £156.02 (including VAT) 
  • Gas meter relocation - £156.02 (including VAT)

Getting started

  1. As your energy supplier, we are responsible for moving your meter to its new location. If your planned move is more than your electricity meter tails allow, or the bendy anaconda pipe for your gas meter allows (approximately 80cm), your Distribution Network Operator or Gas Transporter will need to relocate your supply point first
  2. If you know that your planned meter move is greater than 80cm, please contact your DNO or GT to arrange a supply point move/service alteration first. You can find out who your DNO and GT are by clicking here
  3. You will also need to arrange for a private electrician or gas-safe engineer to be present on the same day, as they will need to reconnect any internal wiring such as your fuse box (if electricity). They will be able to complete this work after we have moved your meter
  4. Once you have arranged a date with your respective distributor and a private electrician, please get in touch with us via and we will arrange an appointment to move your meter to its new location on the afternoon of your requested date
  5. Please note: we do require 20 working days’ notice to book the appointment in and a fee (outlined above) is applicable
If you are moving your meter outside, you will need to arrange for a meter box to be fitted prior to the appointment day. You can ask your DNO for support on this, if needed. 

I fall under the 'other' category

If you are looking for something extra special then we will try our best to help. We've outlined our remaining 'other' chargeable meter services below:

  • Isolator switch installation - £156.02 (including VAT)
  • Check meter installation - £156.02 (including VAT)
  • OFMAT test - £160 (including VAT)
  • Replacement in-home display (IHD) - £30 (if accidentally damaged)

If you require any of the above services, please email your request to us via and we will be more than happy to help.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you suspect that your traditional meter is not recording as it should be, it could be a great time to make the switch to smart meters! With smart meters, not only will we be able to closely monitor your usage to make sure that everything is in line, we will also be providing a free service and resolving your query at the same time.

Alternatively, we do offer more traditional options such as a check meter installation for your electricity, or an OFMAT test for your gas. If you choose either of these options, the charges outlined above will only be applicable if your meter is found to be in working order after successful completion of the relevant tests. Should the meter be proven to be faulty, however, we will cover the cost of these tests.

Why not check out our listed faults section here where you can find some helpful tips on what to do in the event of a suspected fault.